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Application Questions

1) How do I start the application process?
Complete and submit the Contact Us above or e-mail Dr. Quintanilla. You can read more about the process on the Application Process page.
2) Once I turn in an application and meet academic requirements, am I automatically enrolled in the TEACH Program?
Submitting an application only begins the process for admission into TEACH. Once the application is received, we will screen for eligibility.
3) Is there an application deadline?
There are multiple entry points into the program. Contact Dr. Q for the deadline.
4) If I do not have all of the necessary course work or overall grade point average at this time, may I still submit an application and be considered for this program?
You are not eligible for the program unless all entry requirements are met.
5) Will I receive a letter of acceptance?
You will receive a Acceptance Letter via email.

Teaching Experience Questions

1) Does TEACH place teachers with school districts?
After acceptance into the TEACH Program, each applicant is responsible for securing his/her own employment with a public, private, or charter school accredited by the Texas Education Agency.
2) During the teaching experience, am I paid a salary?
Once accepted into TEACH and hired by a school, you are eligible for first-year teacher’s salary.  As with any employment, it is the teacher’s responsibility to inquire as to salary and benefits. Employed interns are classified as teachers of record with the employing school district, and are subject to all of the rules and responsibilities as outlined in local school board policy.
3) When does the salary begin?
Teachers, in general, are paid on a monthly basis on the last working day of the month. The first paycheck is issued at the end of the first month of service.
4) What kind of salary can I expect to earn?
The Texas state base-salary for 2010 was approximately $40,000. Some districts/charters pay above that amount. It is the applicant’s responsibility to confirm with the districts/charters about their respective salary scales and benefit packages.
5) Who will assist me during my teaching experience?
–A TEACH supervisor is assigned to you. S/He enters your classroom to observe you at least 5 times during your teaching experience. More is required.  Each supervsior connects to the teacher via email, phone, classroom visits.
–The TEACH director enters your classroom at least once per experience to observe you.
–A mentor classroom teacher, an induction trainer mentor, will assist you through your internship.

Online Courses Questions

1) Who delivers the online courses and workshops?
College professors and master teachers develop and deliver the online courses and hands-on workshops for TEACH. In addition, an online coach is assigned to assist you in maneuvering through the online courses.
2) When does the training begin?
As soon as the program receives your Phase I fees, you will receive via email log-in information. At that point, you begin the Phase I, Pre-assignment courses. You will receive a user name and password to access program courses at
3) Once I complete my teaching experience, do I automatically receive my teaching certificate?Completing the teaching experience does not entitle you to a certificate. You must meet all state, employing district/charter, and program requirements. You must pass the required TExES Examinations (content area and PPR) and achieve at least satisfactory results on your employment appraisal.
4) After I enroll in the program, and for some reason I am unable to continue the program or do not desire to continue the program, will I be able to withdraw from the program with a tuition and fees refund paid?
You may withdraw within first three weeks of entering program with some of the program costs refundable.

Refund Policy

Withdrawal Week Refund Charges
Within the first week of classes 60% 40%
Within the second week of classes 40% 60%
Within the third week of classes 20% 80%
Within the fourth week of classes none 100%