Privacy Policy

@TEACH QUEST Global visitors to the website do so freely.  No personal information is required or gathered to surf the site. @TEACH QUEST Global respects the privacy of individuals who surf the website and are committed to protecting any personal information such as, first and last names, email addresses, or telephone numbers.

Information Collected

 Any personal information collected through the “Contact Us” and “Guest Site” are deleted regularly.  However, visitors who enter the TEACH QUEST Institute of Pedagogy portal through the Guest Site, Suite of Courses page, or complete a “Contact Us” form are cautioned to provide only random numbers/letters with basic email addresses.

Use of Information

Information collected is used only for internal use and is not provided to a third party. We do not track individual preferences, or employ a third party to conduct surveys.


TEACH QUEST may make use of Internet cookies. However, website software deletes cookies daily and we suggest that you delete website cookies placed on your computer daily as well.

TEACH QUEST reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time.